Global Leaders, World Changers

Global Leaders, World Changers is an intentional summer program designed to give youth under the age of 25 experiences that would make them competitive, strong, and heroic global leaders and world changers. In a world where global poverty is rising, the need for transformation, peace, and security is vital. Our communities need to focus on training the next generations of leaders. Through a historical lens of understanding present day problems, Hope to Thrive is engaging our future leaders to dare to dream, to reimagine a better future, and equipping them to lead our communities for positive local and global impact.

Overview of the Program:

This summer program launched in July 2019 and is youth-driven. Each youth gets to tailor the program to their needs and interests related to becoming a global leader and world changer. Hope to Thrive places an emphasis on the value of new experiences to gain new perspectives and to solve global problems within a local context. We choose youth of different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds in order to create a space that facilitates cross-cultural learning and the need to use conflict resolution skills. Participants are encouraged to take leadership roles within:

– Non-profit leadership

– Home economic skills

– Food systems

– Healthy eating and active living skills

– Pursuing their own outcomes related to their dreams

Expected results:

Each activity chosen by the youth has a reflection attached to the
experience. The reflection is the core of how these new experiences are
processed, interpreted, and allowed to simmer within the participants’
heart, for further investigation now, or later in their life. We don’t
think that everything can be processed, but rather, we offer
opportunities so that learning can emerge, questions can be explored, and
answers can eventually be found. After this summer program we hope to find that
youth will attain the following goals:

– Exposure and understanding of different cultures and connection to their lives

– Conflict resolution skills

– Leadership skills relevant to their own areas of interests such as entrepreneurship

Key measures/Evaluation method:

Participants will take an introductory survey related to their previous
exposure to working with other cultures, conflict resolution skills, and
leadership abilities. Post-surveys will be administered to assess
comfort in dealing with and relating to different cultures,
increased knowledge and practical applications of conflict resolution
skills, and practical applications of leadership skills for their areas
of interests.