Doing More Than Giving Food

It is 12:10 and we have just opened up the food pantry. I am waiting for one of the volunteers, and in the meantime, I tell another one about what to expect for the day. This is her first day.  Tuesdays are usually our light day, having hot meals, at times, or produce from the […]


Part II: Philanthropist Community Education Session for BIPOC Executive Directors

    Part I: Listening Session for Philanthropists in Forsyth County, North Carolina  On November 19th, 2021, a small group of BIPOC Executive Directors (BIPOC ED) met for a two-hour listening session (no recording available) with four specific philanthropic groups in Forsyth County: Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust,  Black Philanthropy Initiative of the Winston Salem […]


Thanksgiving Miracle on Butterfield Drive: Part II

  After the group left with all the food we had to serve their 30 meals, and a volunteer came to deliver the additional boxes left, I immediately started calling the grocery stores. I was looking to get donated items for Thanksgiving meals the next day. Publix was the first one, “Hi, Sir, I run […]


Thanksgiving Miracle on Butterfield Drive: Part I

“God, people ask for a Christmas miracle on 34th Street. But I need a Thanksgiving miracle on Butterfield Drive.” I earnestly pray Wednesday night, Thanksgiving Eve, while stretching on my yoga mat, awaiting 9:45pm.    Earlier that day, Wednesday, I had packed 12 packages of food with volunteers from The Stepping Up Program of Forsyth […]


Conversations on Sex and Sexuality

  Sex and sexuality a conversation  By: Sally Curme, APPLES Intern    Open and honest conversations about sex and sexuality are critical to both adolescents’ mental and physical well-being. The method of comprehensive sex education covers topics such as human sexuality, human sexual anatomy, sexual activity, sexual reproduction, age of consent, reproductive health, reproductive rights, […]


Food Insecurity During the Holiday Season

  Insecurity.  Thanksgiving is almost here and in honor of the holiday season, we would like to offer a few tips for donating to our Holistic Produce Pantry this year. Last year, festivities may have been limited due to social distancing regulations, but with the vaccination rate higher than ever, it is time for families […]


Feeding A Community

Feeding a community When my Mom wrote her memoir last year, I read with interest the chapter about getting ready for winter in the village. During the summer, the cannery was the family enterprise, running morning, noon, and night while produce is coming in. Well, that’s it, I thought, any fool with a spade and […]


Thriving In Our Own Ways 

Thriving in our own ways  Getting away from our home which she doesn’t remember, doesn’t know what to do there – nor how to do anything like she used to –gives her hope. Getting away with others that, although they live in a strange world from her delusional one, are enjoying an event together, is […]


Dancing To The Beat

“As the sun set amid the haze, we called it a night. It was a good time for all of us.” On Thursday, July 22, Hope to Thrive launched a new program for youth, led by master drummer Vernon Sharpe and master dancer Joy Williams. I participated along with three girls. We lit the grill […]


Herbicide Free Campus Features Hope To Thrive

Hope To Thrive was featured in the Herbicide-Free Campus Newsletter this week! Hope to Thrive is constantly helping organizations across the country to improve all aspects of health through arts & culture, counseling service & feeding those who need it most.   Our students and staff are eagerly awaiting the HFC Orientation Series, which will […]