Rockin’ Seniors

HOw Rockin’ Seniors Began

Joy Williams’ mother said seniors, or seasoned folk, needed another outlet besides some of the Senior Centers, and it was through that process that the Rockin’ Senior Program with Hope to Thrive was created. This program focuses on bringing music and dance into the homes of Seniors, allowing them to just have fun. The dancing and other activities bring back memories for the Seniors, particularly those who are going through cognitive changes. The action of listening to music during that time, remembering movement and stories, and doing activities from their past is both helpful and living, which helps the aging process.

Neighbors for Better Neighborhood provided $2,500 through a six-month grant for our program to improve the lives and happiness of Seniors. Thank you to Neighbors for Better Neighborhood for making so much possible!

Outcomes of the Better Neighborhood grant:

  • Visited 9 Seniors in the neighborhood twice or more to bring happiness and joy!
  • Gave 18-holiday gift bags to Seniors in the neighborhood and throughout Butterfield.
  • Allowed two paid staff members, Ms. Norma Gay (Senior) and Ms. Joy Williams.
  • Several volunteers, a few of them are Mr. John, Ms. Williams, and Mr. Gay.
  • Connected 1 senior to a co-insurance agency, 1 senior to a food program, and 1 senior to a new neighborhood friend.
  • Found new partnerships, St. Andrews food pantry, Uniquely Beautiful, and First Baptist Food Pantry, and Financial Assistance.
  • Supported businesses on Butterfield, such as Hickman Health and Wellness, Healing
    Joy Ministries, and promoted the construction, handyman, and several
    food small businesses on Butterfield.

Other positive outcomes of the grant include:

  • Starting a garden to connect to the food stories heard from the Seniors (Mr. John volunteer).
  • Over 18 volunteer hours in the community.
  • Addressed underlying needs of Seniors, such as connecting to health, social, and beauty resources.

What’s Next?

  • Looking to hire more staff and workers, especially youth and Seniors to join the program.
  • Starting activities for the Seniors in the neighborhood, led by Seniors.
  • Continuing partnerships with Scales Memorial Holiness Church and Grace Presbyterian for Senior hosting sites.
  • Neighborhood Meeting for the second half of Butterfield, due to wanting to keep to the quality of the program, only the first half of Butterfield was able to be serviced.
  • Reaching the youth, both Spanish and English speaking, for the summer program.

Joy Williams and a Senior

Seniors with holiday bags

Holiday bag delivery!

A Senior with a holiday bag