Thriving in our own ways 

Getting away from our home which she doesn’t remember, doesn’t know what to do there – nor how to do anything like she used to –gives her hope. Getting away with others that, although they live in a strange world from her delusional one, are enjoying an event together, is especially good for her. Not knowing what they are happy about, she still often can join in the laughter and excitement of her new family. She still knows reverence for Jesus; sees Jesus in nature quickly, fittingly; finds uplift in music–classical, 50’s hits, and old hymns, and feels love when she sees it.


She had a good day last Monday, when Joy who advocated for The Rockin’ Senior field trip to the International Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro, NC, as part of Hope to Thrive’s July programming, invited us to come along. The Rockin’ Senior program is an outreach that Hope to Thrive does for anyone age 60 and over. Remonia, the lead organizer, also in the group, knew where we should go, and Marc, who drove us in his family van, came along. Upon arriving at the small white church on Butterfield Drive, the meeting place, Elaine enjoyed the hugs; the applause when she successfully got into the backseat of the van. She sat patiently during the hour-long video, so far from other viewers, that she thought she was alone with me.


During lunch, Elaine and I led the blessing of the food, praying our family table blessing, and everyone appreciated it too. She was relieved when she got to the bathroom in time – not appreciating that it was the men’s, with Joy guarding the door. We enjoyed the frequent laughter; and bouncing with the bumps in the road, which was felt more in the backseat. She had gone 7 hours without incontinence to my joy and relief.


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“Getting away from our home which she doesn’t remember, doesn’t know what to do there – nor how to do anything like she used to –gives her hope.”


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